*HOT!* Rebate Key – HUGE Savings on Awesome Products after Rebates!!

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There is an awesome site called Rebate Key that I have been using for about a year that I told you guys about a few months back!  I wanted to remind you again that you can score some really awesome deals if you check the site daily! All the items I’ve bought have been from Amazon and I have gotten all the rebate checks with no issues!

There are loads of products that have different rebate amounts (some are even FREE after rebate!). You select the item(s) you’d like to purchase and then order it as usual after clicking on the “Buy Product” link on Rebate Key. After your purchase, enter your order # on Rebate Key’s website within 1 hour, and then you sit back and wait for your rebate check! I have personally purchased at least about 2 dozen items and the check came for every single one, so the site is completely legit.   Do NOT use promo codes to purchase the product!  
**Rebate checks are sent after 35 days to ensure you don’t return the item and also try to get the rebate**
Rebates per item are limited and DO RUN OUT! If you miss something, check back the next day to see if they offer more rebates for that item! You can purchase each product just once and can sign up for notifications so they can let you know when an item is back in stock!

Click Here to join now and get in on the savings!

For example, you can snag the 60 Premium Heavy Duty Gold Disposable Plastic Plate Set on Amazon for $21.99 with a 79% rebate = just $4.40 with FREE prime shipping!  This goes fast so if you don’t see it available by searching for “plates”, set up notifications to get it tomorrow!  
Scroll through the offers to find this and more great items on Rebate Key’s website!

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