Please Read – A Little Update from Bargain Boutique Deals…

I don’t normally have these types of posts but I wanted to check in since a few things are going on, some of which are important for you to know.

If you noticed, the posts were pretty minimal on Sunday and Monday this week while our family got away to the Atlantic City Beach for some R&R!  We also stopped by 6 Flags Great Adventure for a day of fun on the rides and saw the animals on the amazing safari ride they offer.

It’s also an exciting time for our family as my son becomes a Bar Mitzvah this Friday/Shabbos (his actual Hebrew Birthday is on Friday).  So starting today, posts will once again be minimal and sporadic as I attempt to get ready and organized for this big event!

Last, I received an unfortunate e-mail from Amazon  last week which read:

“Dear Associate, Thank you for being a part of the Amazon Associates Program. We continuously review accounts and are auditing based on overall profitability and value being driven to Amazon. Based on our review of your account we are informing you that we will be reducing your rates in our retail categories due to poor profitability and low value.”

The deals here at Bargain Boutique Deals are just TOO GOOD for Amazon to make much of a profit off of what I’ve been posting.  I take that as a compliment that I’ve succeeded in really finding the HOTTEST deals for all of you!  But because of this, Amazon is dropping my commission rates significantly (from an average of 8% to an average of 1%) in all categories.  I spend countless hours working on my site and use the earnings for important bills (ahem, bar mitzva is this week!), tuition, etc.

I’ll be completely honest with you:  Going forward, I’m not sure if I can really run my blog as I have been.  The time I spend working on the blog is time I spend away from my family (my husband and 6 kids K”H).  I love nothing more than to help all of you save money – it is a passion of mine, and the reason I started blogging in the first place!  But I do make sacrifices to run the blog and 1% really does not leave me with much to show for all the time I invest.  I haven’t decided yet how this will all play out, but I did want to give my loyal followers a heads up about what has happened.  I have been in touch with other wonderful bloggers who received the same bad news to see what options we have.

Thanks for reading, and I welcome any feedback.  Thanks for following Bargain Boutique Deals.


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4 thoughts on “Please Read – A Little Update from Bargain Boutique Deals…

  1. Miriam

    Mazel Tov on your Simcha.
    I wanted to let you know that you have saved me a lot of money in a lot of areas but the biggest one is clothing for my daughters. Many times I have bought t-shirts and skirts for just a few $ after seeing your post. Most recently I have bought dresses from childrens place (80% sale) for my nephews chasuna. Even after buying 2 per child (to add for length, I sew so no cost there) the total price per daughter is $11. My original plan was to sew them a skirt but I can’t even get material for that cheap.
    Thanks for all your post till now and my you have Hatzlacha in whatever you do in the future.

    • Thank you! I am going to try to keep up the blog in some capacity, I just can’t let it go! I will just have to make some changes to make it work for me. Thank you so much for reaching out and following!

  2. Can’t say I was your biggest buyer (not a huge fan of online shopping) but I loved being able to snag deals that applied to me. Seriously,I do follow a few others but you were local and had a handle on what Baltimore frum families want/need. I hope you can work this out. Mazel Tov on the Bar Mitzvah!!!

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